Is your business prepared for a cybersecurity attack?

In today’s world, it’s not a question of whether your business will be subjected to a cybercrime, it’s when. Does your business have the necessary precautions in place to stop a cyberattack from happening? Are you ready to respond immediately to help mitigate the effects of a cyber incident? 

Our Cybersecurity Preparedness Assessment is a quick, confidential questionnaire that will help you identify areas to prioritize as well as how to implement industrial cybersecurity best practices. The Assessment has 25 questions and takes less than10 minutes to complete. 

Completing this self-assessment will provide: 
  1. A Cybersecurity Preparedness Score based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  2. A full customized report that shows where your largest gaps are in terms of known best practices in OT cybersecurity. View a sample report.
  3. Recommendations to prioritize and close gaps as well as improve your cybersecurity score.
  4. Comparison of your score to industry averages.

Here are some cybersecurity statistics businesses cannot afford to ignore!



targeted industry for cyberattacks is critical manufacturing 


Source: Global Resistance Federation



of cyberattacks are on small businesses


Source: Brooker Research


$ 1.52 M

average cost of a ransomware attack in the manufacturing sector


Source: Sophos Research